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I’ve Just Brought my Puppy Home – What Now? eBook


The Puppy eBook describes what to do from the moment you get your puppy home. This can be a very distressing time for your puppy who has just been separated from its pack members and dam for the first time. In this eBook I describe how to make the transition into your family as smooth as possible for the puppy and you! Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Choosing your puppy
  • What to do on the first night
  • Simple and effective toilet training
  • Overcoming puppy issues such as chewing and jumping up
  • Exercise – how much and how often
  • Obedience training –  when to start and how to introduce basic commands

The Puppy eBook makes puppy training fun and helps you to quickly establish a routine for your puppy and teaches you how to overcome common puppy issues. The eBook is easy to follow and has the most important points repeated in a summarised format at the end of each chapter for ease of learning.

Price:  $15 incl. GST

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