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The Puppy Programme

Promptly creating highly engaged and responsive puppies. This programme is designed for your young puppy who you are bringing home for the first time – or for older puppies – up to 6 months old that require assistance with any issueToilet training, nipping, chewing, jumping up, excessive barking, sleeping, exercise requirements etc. are all addressed. An obedience programme specific to your puppy is also put in place. The Puppy Programme includes 3 one on one consultations and Puppy Socialisation classes.

You can call me now for an obligation free enquiry about your dog on 027 595 6278. 

Bringing a new puppy home and settling it into your family can be overwhelming for you and your puppy. 

This is a crucial period where the puppy requires correct socialisation and interaction. A stimulating environment and the correct routine will ensure that your puppy develops into a well-rounded adult dog who is a pleasure to be around.

You shape your relationship with your puppy during the early formative months. This is the right time to invest in your puppy before problems develop and become established. If your puppy is socialised properly this can be a very special and fun time for the puppy and your family.

The consultations occur at your home address and you will be shown how to introduce a routine to make the puppies transition into your home as smooth as possible. This will be tailored to the puppy’s needs and the needs of you and your family.

This can be a distressing time for your puppy, being away from its litter mates and dam for the first time. Its whole world has been turned upside down.

Benefits – what you get:

  • Access to Dogs 4 Life Puppy Socialisation classes
  • Any issues that your puppy has addressed
  • Your puppies routine established along with behaviour and training issues addressed
  • A Dogs 4 Life clicker
  • Full demonstration on how to interact with your puppy in a manner that he/she understands
  • Notes outlining a routine for your puppy and the strategies that I recommend (e mailed to you within 24 hours of the consultation)
  • A personalised programme specific to your puppy
  • 1 year phone and e mail follow up
  • Less likelihood of behaviour issues when your puppy is an adult
  • A well balanced and correctly socialised adult dog
  • Peace of mind by having an instant and established routine for your puppy
  • A far happier and more balanced puppy that has had a smooth transition from the litter to your home (highly beneficial for the puppies future)
  • You will be a much happier puppy owner

Appropriate interaction and shaping of behaviours at this time is vital to future success.

You’ll receive training & advice on:

  • How to be your puppy’s mentor.
  • How to enhance the bond between you and your puppy.
  • How to engage your puppy and introduce new behaviours.
  • Where your puppy should sleep particularly during the first week.
  • How to stimulate your puppy mentally.
  • How to communicate what is off limits to your puppy.
  • How consistency is very important for your puppy.
  • How to toilet train your puppy quickly and effectively.
  • How to stop your puppy from mouthing and chewing.
  • How to introduce a lead and collar to your puppy.
  • How much exercise your puppy requires.
  • What are the best toys to choose for your puppy.
  • How your children and puppy should interact.
  • How to introduce separation so that your puppy does not suffer separation anxiety as an adult.
  • What food is safe to give to your puppy.
  • The underlying cause of any issues.
  • How to address the issues so that they are resolved.
  • Obedience training – a programme specific to your puppy is put in place.