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Behaviour Modification Consultation

The Behaviour Modification package is designed to help you if you are experiencing behaviour problems with your dog. Problem behaviours are analysed and the function of the behaviour is identified (why is the dog doing this?) . Techniques are introduced that eliminate the problem behaviours and reinforce desirable, replacement behaviours. This package consists of 3 one on one consultations. An obedience programme specific to your dogs needs is also implemented if necessary.

You can call me now for an obligation free enquiry about your dog on 027 595 6278. 

Benefits – what you get:

  • Your dogs behaviour and training issues addressed
  • Full demonstration and coaching on the techniques and strategies required to change your dogs behaviour 
  • Full demonstration and coaching on how to interact with your dog in a manner that he/she understands 
  • Notes outlining the strategies and techniques that are recommended to change your dogs behaviour (e mailed to you within 24 hours of the consultation)
  • A personalised programme specific to your dog including obedience training
  • A Dogs 4 Life clicker
  • 1 year phone and e mail follow up
  • Improved dog handling and training skills
  • An understanding of why your dog behaves the way it does
  • A much improved relationship with your dog
  • A more balanced, content and happy dog who is a pleasure to be around
  • You will be a much happier dog owner

Finding the solution to your dogs: Phobias, fears, aggression, barking, destructive behaviour, biting, digging, jumping up, chewing, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, car problems, pulling on the lead, recall and any other issue that requires addressing.

Behaviour analysed – problem behaviours eliminated – desirable replacement behaviours established.

You’ll receive training & advice on:

  • The underlying causes of your dog’s issues
  • How to address the issues so that they are resolved
  • How to interact with your dog in a manner that it understands
  • How to enhance the bond between you and your dog
  • How to motivate your dog
  • How to implement new behaviours
  • How to communicate what is off limits to your dog
  • How consistency is very important for your dog
  • Your dog’s triggers
  • Your dog’s obedience and training requirements
  • How to improve your own dog handling skills